Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

It's pretty simple! You pay us in your cryptocurrency of choice, our system pays the merchant site in their local fiat currency, and they ship the product to your address. Check out our About page for more details and limitations.

How long will it take?

Within a half hour of receiving your transfer you'll receive an email that your order has been placed with the merchant. As soon as your item ships you will get another email with tracking information (assuming the merchant provided it).

What is

They are a point of sale provider used by over 2.3 million vendors worldwide. They have best-in-class security and take care of receiving your coins and shipping information for us.

What if I get am email that something went wrong?

No reason to panic. Any currency you've transferred to us is always safe. This usually happens if an item has sold out in the time it took the transfer to complete or if there was a large dip in the markets and your transfer can no longer afford your purchase. In this case you'll have the option of getting a full refund, or appending to your transfer so that you can once again afford your purchase.

In either case, we will reach out to you asap to help you through the process. If you don't hear from us quickly enough, reach out to We're here to help!

What does olodolo mean?

Nothing, it's just really hard to register an original domain name.